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Best Affiliate Networks Free Registry

The following is a extensive listing of top-quality Affiliate Networks offering FREE Memberships, training, marketing tools, and some great commissions and payment plans. Simply choose the programs You'd like to join , and 'Click' the links, they will direct you to that sites FREE registration page.

If You're serious about making money online, then this ever-growing list should save You valuable time, and allow You to spend that time doing just that; Making Money. Attention

By visiting each of these sites below, You will immediately see the pay-outs and commission options available to You, and a more thorough review of each sites credentials, and programs. Truly, I hope our efforts are able to supply You with a profitable future.

To Your Success, Enjoy:
Category: Merchandise/Services


1.) LinkShare

Offers a HUGE opportunity to provide both the experienced and inexperienced marketer with quality merchandise, products and services. Although it's difficult to see the high content of Products & Advertisers ready and willing to start paying you for promoting their products until after you register, I'll list a few just to give you an idea.

Just off the top of my head you can individually apply to Walmart, Microsoft Store, Lane Bryant, iTunes, Sony, Sirius Radio, Bodega Chocolates, Forex, and literally 100's more. Each program will display their current commissions, and several offer incentive bonuses.

The Rakuten Company is Japanese owned, and they are world reknowned for being the largest merchant owners of shopping malls throughout the world. Truly there are few companies that house the number of companies, as does LinkShare, whereby last I knew; they were offering over 600+ quality merchants ready & willing to arm you with all the advertising tools & products you'll ever need to get started making money online.

To Join for FREE with LinkShare today, Simply Click Here or 'Click" the Linkshare Banner above.


Category: Herbal Products

2.) Sell Health (Formally Leading Edge Cash)

With excellent herbal products, and several different niches to promote, Leading Edge Cash has a friendly easy-to-use interface, and user control panel making for easy access to banner ads, text links, and educational materials designed to assure your success.

They also carry products that target the adult market, and have sex enhancement pills for both men, and labido increasers for women. There ads convert very well, as do their products.

Leading edge is definitely a company for both the seasoned marketer, as well as the beginner.

To sign up for Leading Edge Cash Click Here Or Again You can click the banner above.


Category: Adult Toys/DVD's/Products

Join AdamEve Cash

3.) Adam & Eve

Most of us have browsed their magazine mailers, or perhaps caught one of their adult movies, but Adam & Eve has been a leading name trusted in the distribution of mature adult products, toys, stimulators, vibrators, sexy apparel and more...

They offer a generous 20% on all sales, a $5.00 bonus for every sub-affiliate sign up, plus, 5% commission for the life of that affiliates sales. Clearly, Adam & Eve brings making money to a whole new level of stimulation.

To Join Adam & Eve for Free Click Here


Category: Adult Dating/Social Sites

best affiliate program

4.) Anastasia-International

Not only does Anastasia connect Men & Women Internationally, they have a very generous Affiliate Program offering up to $250 per sale, and up to $125 on all sub-affiliate sales. Their adds are proven to convert, and are easy on the eyes of both men and women alike.

Anastasia also has an easy user interface, and your stats are displayed acurately daily, monthly, or yearly, whichever you prefer right on your dashboard page. Again, the opportunity is free, and there's definitely some money to be made with Anastasia's newly restructured pay-out plans.

To Join Anastasia for FREE Click Here or click the banner above.


Category: Educational/E-Books/Miscl.

Make money online

5.) High Profits

This is a great program offering work from home ebooks ranging from $20 dollars and offering a 50% on many of the products, this is sure to attract sales, and provide some excellent conversion rates and sales.

High Profits has 11 seperate products to offer your potential buyers. My personal favorites are the "Make Money Blogging", "Earn Money Writing Online", and now "Making Money on Twitter", are sure to big giant revenue producers.

As the current world market for online shopping is estimated to be in the trillions, educational programs, how to's, and inexpensive E-Books are sure to be some of the top selling items in your advertising campaigns, whether big or small.

Their banner ads, text ads, and landing pages do all the work for you, and as promised, as is so with all the featured programs here at Way Out Wisdoms Best Affiliate programs, they supply everything you need for FREE.

I recommend this program to both the seasoned pro, and the beginner, as time will prove these products are in high demand, and the profit shares are far more than generous, as the products are inexpensive, and quite informative.

To Join High Profits Click Here or click the banner above.


Category: Multiple Sites/Health/Gaming/Adult

6.) MoreNiche

MoreNiche has quite the variety, with 14 individual programs ranging from Gaming & Casino sites, to Penis health and enlargement product, they offer some in demand resources sure to compliment any marketers tool box.

Their Health & Beauty products are tried, tested, and true, and do very well in converting sales, as well as creating loyal customers who purchase their supplies on a regular basis. They too have a simple user interface, real time statistics, and a generous payment plan.

To Join MoreNiche Today for FREE Click Here or click the banner above.


Category: Adult Dating/Social Site

7.) Adult FriendFinder

There's so much to offer with this program, I am almost speechless. Being a portion of what has become a $100 Million Dollar Per Year Network for the founders brilliant insight, this site currently houses 30 million plus members, and that still doesn't put a dent in the earning potential this site can offer you, as new members are joining everyday.

With optional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) pay-out options you can earn a fast buck for every Unique IP address that you send through your ad placements. In addition they offer a per-order payout unparalled by anyone else in the industry. In addition they too have a percentage partners share option giving you up to 75% of a members sign-up dues, and a 55% return on all recurring orders for life.

In my opinion, this is a Must-Have site, irregardless of your experience, or particular niche.

To join Adult FriendFinder Now Click Here Or Click the Pic Above


Category:Adult 18+ Webcams

8.) Cams.com

While Cams.com, AdultFriendFinder, Alt.com, FriendFinder.com, and a total of 30 different sites are housed all under one roof, However, I felt it was essential for the potential promoter or marketer to understand the versatility of the sites offered in this particular package.

While their payouts mirror that of Adult FriendFinder in many ways, who can argue that the Adult Web-Cam industry isn't a huge money generator. Now imagine for each of these models efforts, and adult entertainment, you get paid as members join.

With or without your participation in this program, there's going to be web-cam admirers, only now You're getting paid while they get what they're playing it safe on the web.

I think it goes without saying this is an area of interest which some may not approve, and we all know sex sells. I stand neutral in the balance, and can only say, if your looking to ad spice to a mature site, these peaches will bring not only the apples.... but seeds of prosperity too!

To Join Cams.com for FREEClick Here or click above


Category: Adults 18+/Multi-Sites/Products

9.) Penthouse Partners

We've all heard the name, but many never knew just how easy it is to become a Penthouse Partner, and share in the profits of a magazine that's sold in excess of over a half-billion copies, and counting.

But that's not all Penthouse offers. They have movies, pics, and memberships available, and believe me when I tell you men and women love the name, and the products offered in this program, making for huge sales, and profits like a stock on steroids!

If you're not into the adult culture, simply pass on Penthouse. But if your looking to maximize profits with products that sell themselves, here your chance Ladies and Gents.

Join Penthouse For FREE Click Here or click the pic above


Category: Health/Beauty/Herbal Products & More

10.) WorldNiche

WorldNiche offers a selection of Herbal Products, All Natural Medicines, Health Products, and Sexual Health supplies. They have an easy to use interface, training materials, excellent promotional tools, and advertising campaigns ready to make you money right away.

In today's market, the Herbal industry and health products are in high demand as baby boomers reach middle age, and concerns for healthy living is steadily increasing. World Niche has spent 10's of thousands of dollars researching quality products, and ensuring they only carry the best in alternative solutions.

Whether you're new to marketing or just getting started you will definitely want to arm yourself with WorldNiche's products, and be sure to look at their generous commissions as well. In today's market the demand for healthy living is sure to be a conscious way to help people, all while making an honest living doing so.

To Join WorldNicheClick Here or Click the banner above


Category: Online Gaming/Casino's

Rewards Affiliates

11.) Rewards Affiliates

An excellent resource housing the world's Best Online Casino's. While the banner speaks for itself, Rewards Affiliates offers a HUGE 35% commission of the rake, on all wagers places through your affiliate advertising campaigns.

Find yourself a whale who spend $10k a month gambling online and you'll increase your monthly income by $3,500 every Month!

However, due to new legislative laws, certain countries are no longer allowed to participate in online gaming (America being one of them) but, that doesn't mean You can't still creatively place ads in the countries that are eligible, and make yourself a small fortune, by becoming a partner with the Casino Affiliate program.

To my understanding, You can receive money from the casino's program, but you cannot gamble. What better way to kick the habit, and recoupe some of those old losses!

To Join Rewards Affiliates Click Here or click the banner above


Category: Health/Beauty/Herbal & More

12.) Market Health

Market Health is a Million Dollar Plus Opportunity all by itself! With well over a 100 seperate programs, and 2 secondary business programs to promote for the seasoned pro or the beginner, Market Health is here to stay.

With everything from teeth whitening products to woman's beauty supplies, this company makes those other networks look small! Even if your marketing experience was limited to a few Avon sales, or You were the ever so brilliant Amway executive marketer, You'll want to add Market Health to your agenda of stock in partner shares!

With limitless potential, I myself am still fascinated by all this program offers.

To Join Market Health Today Click Here or click the banner above


Category: Online Poker

Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

13.) Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is a name trusted by the pros. They offer a great opportunity to affiliate partners to share in the rake of every player you recruit into their network. With state of the art advertising they will arm you with everything from expensive Television Quality Commercials for your sites, to inticing offers to win a seat at this years W.S.O.P. Poker Tournament.

Full Tilt Poker is a certified profit generator, as their advertising campaigns are top notch, and their landing pages speak louder than words. Not to sound like a broken record, but Full Tilt's
Texas Holdem sells itself. All you have to do is find players, and share in the HUGE profits of this
Multi-Million Dollar set-up!

Also, being an American Poker Player, and enthuisiast myself, I highly suggest You sign the petition currently fighting President Obama's Legislative efforts to ban Online Poker in the US. Clearly, "We The People" cannot allow our past-time favorites be marginalized by "Big Governments" vile Take-Over Antics.

*I'll refrain from going into a political rant, but they're already scooping up our banks, and car manufacturering plants, what's next?

Will they try to stop us from Online Marketing TOO?

Give Voice to Reason, log into Full Tilts Homepage, set-up a FREE Player's account (even if you only play for fun, not real money) and SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST OBAMA'S POKER BAN TODAY!!!! Simply Sign-up as a FullTilt Player Here: FullTilt Poker

Then, create a FREE Player Account. Upon doing this You will be eligible to enroll in a FREE $35,000 FreeRoll Tournament Seat For your Support.

Meanwhile, if you're not a poker player and want to claim Your share of the Online Poker Gaming revenues generated on Full Tilt Poker, Please "Click" the banner.

Stop Back In as I will be Posting More, and Adding to this List. Regardless of what You're into, or looking to promote, we have it!

Unfortunately, the time it takes to upload them all requires me to add new Affiliates every other day or so. Bookmark this page, or if you prefer to view the webpage with a white backdrop rather than the black, you can simply subscribe to our feed, and view it through a reader.

We'll be back with more shortly, we appreciate your patience and interest in Making Money Online.

In the meantime... May You Find Your Freedom & Prosperity, and maintain it through Prosterity!


Art M.

*If You have any questions about affiliate marketing, please email me at


***Also, be sure to fill out the W-9 (Individuals) or W-8 (International) Tax forms and fax it back to ALL the affiliate programs you join, as it will need to be on file, before the majority of companies will release a check or direct deposit your earnings and payments to you.


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~Best Affiliate Networks~

Everything here is designed to direct to You to quality FREE resources to build, and establish a profitable home based business online. Unlike the the millions of scams, these opportunities remain true to their title(s) as they are exactly that FREE Opportunities!

Spend as little or as much time exploring the the links, and banners on this page, and do so knowing; everything here is designed for You to arm Yourself with Top-Rate Companies and a long host of resources. In an ongoing exhausting effort on our behalf, we intend to deliver as many FREE tools, and resources we can assemble to ensure Your success.

There is no threat that we know of with any of these companies, as at the time we compiled this list, everyone of them was in good standing. Should anyone have reason to believe, there is a listing or a company featured in our registry/directory which has since employed questionable business behavioral pratices, Please email us and make us aware of these allegations, so we can investigate, and remove any offer that threatens the integrity of our efforts to support honest companies.

Although, we here at ~Way-Out-Wisdoms~ make every effort to remain current and informed with the status and business practices of all our affiliates, however, we can only assume they will continue to remain in good standing, and we are acting solely at our own discretion and feedback from our audience to determine the credibility of this list.

It is by our own sole descretion to share these companies. Certainly we have ads throughout other pages of this website that are PPC, or Commision Based ads. However, this page is reserved for the entrepreneurial individuals seeking opportunity, and in no way are we paid per click, the opportunities presented here are based on sincere efforts to prosper you, save you time, and direct you to profitable resources.

With that being noted, we are hoping to increase upon the quality of this website, as our abilities enable us to do so, and we sincerely hope You find our Affiliate Program Information useful, as well as the rest of our site.

Please reserve judgment, as not every business opportunity may meet your particular tastes, but their are products here guaranteed to please every lifestyle, and business demographic.

***Please Take Notice***

There are several opportunities categorized as Adults 18+Only and range from Sexual Literature, Adult Dating/Social/Swinger Sites, as well as some that are of Pornagraphic nature.

Again, we ask You reserve judgment as we are providing a service to All lifestyles, and practices, so long as they are within the legal limits of the law. We appreciate Your patronage, and mean not to offend anyone. If Your Under the age of 18, or You are against the promotion of Adult content of websites containing mature graphic nature, please avoid the opportunities found in the Adults Only Categories.

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